About Me

Spanish BDSM Escort in London. That is me in a nutshell and the most basic way of describing me for a website. If that is exactly what you are looking for then I am your woman. If you want to know more than read on good fellow. 

My name is Ilona and I have a very interesting life. I was born of a Russian father and a Spanish mother and raised in the beautiful beach town of Malaga, Spain. I now reside in London - Belgravia specifically - and have become a leading, light-domination escort in town. My reviews are manifold and multifaceted but they all share one thing - positivity about the experience I provide. 

Sensual Tie and Tease Massage 

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be submissive? To let go of your responsibilites and give yourself over to a dominant woman? Lots of men have and lot and lots of men have enjoyed the experience of feeling vulnerable yet in control. This is what I offer and I've found the the best way to introduce a man to the world of seeing a dom escort is with a Tie and Tease massage session. What you will experience during this is entirely up to you. Generall it starts like a normal massage: you'll lay face down in my massage chair and I'll start to rub the tension out of your body. As you start to relax and open up I may lightly restrain your hands and begin to explore regions of your body that other massage ladies won't. Gently brushing your erogenous zones with the tips of my fingers or gliding my breasts along your back - oh yeah, as you were enjoying your massage I've removed all of my clothes. 

Once we've begun to get intimate I may employ a blondfold or handcuffs to become more dominant as increase the tension and pace of my strokes. You'll be at my mercy as the climax slowly builds from within. Just when you don't think you can take it anymore I'll deny release and let you watch me pleasure myself... 

The cycle continues until the end of your session when I allow you an earth shattering orgasm. 

If you'd like to meet an escort who knows how to take control but will always respect your boundaries that please email me about a Tie & Tease massage at my flat in Mayfair. It could be just the introduction you need to fully dive into the world of BDSM. 


I am not your traditional girlfriend experience in London. If you are looking for a conventional escort then I suggest you search for independent companions on the internet or go to one of the many escort guides online. I tend not to trust agencies but there are a few good ones out the. The best I've found, and I know the owner personally, elite bdsm. They have English girls and a bit of BDSM. 

Annunci escort Milano

Name: Ilona
Main City: London, England
Sex: Female
Body Type: Average
Measurements: 36D-35-29
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 130 lbs
Race/Ethnic: Armenian
Age: 26
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brunette
Hair Type: Straight
Hair Length: Mid-Back
Body Piercings: One
Breast Implants: No
Grooming: Unshaved
Tattoos?: One
Smokes?: No
Porn Star?: Professional
Likes: Generous clients, Good hygiene, Mature, respectful gentlemen, Gentlemen over 30 years old, Well-groomed
Dislikes: Bad breath, Bad manners, Clients who don't show up